Global Climate Statistical Analysis Library (GCSAL)

The Global Climate Statistical Analysis Library (GCSAL) allows one to view climate statistics formulated from over 60 years of radiosonde data from weather balloons launched at more than 3000 locations around the world! The GCSAL efficiently processes and compresses the 80 GB of raw text data into 17 GB of data in the h5 hierarchical file format. It provides a simple MATLAB interface to access the vast quantities of climate data. One can view statistical distributions and perform statistical operations on the following quantities from sea level to 30 km altitude: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, dewpoint depression, and relative humidity.

GCSAL is a software package written in MATLAB that allows the user to

  • automatically download the Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA) raw text data from the NOAA website,
  • efficiently process and save the data in an h5 hierarchical file,
  • quickly access the data, aggregate statistics, and generate plots.

For more information on GCSAL see our wiki page.