CHI 2021

Facebook is proud to be a Champion sponsor at the 2021 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, taking place virtually from May 8 to 13. Facebook Core Data Science, FAIR, UX, and FRL researchers will be presenting their research in oral presentations throughout the vent at the days and times indicated below.

Engage with us

Interested in learning more about the work we are doing in the human-computer interaction space? Come chat with us! Facebook recruiters and researchers will be available at the times below.

Wednesday, May 12

11:00am – 12:00pm PST

  • Let’s Talk Research w/ UX Researchers & Recruiters: Join Facebook Researchers and recruiters for a panel and Q&A to learn about working at Facebook and the different opportunities that are available.

    Speakers: Donnell Jackson, Joyce Chang-Tourreilles, Yuling An, Stacey Houston, Alex Leavitt

Thursday, May 13

1:30 – 2:00pm PST

  • An overview of interaction research from the Facebook Reality Labs CTRL team: Join FRL CTRL researchers for an overview of the latest EMG-related interactions research followed by Q&A.

    Speakers: Jason Reisman and Dustin Freeman
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Meeting ID: 928 3744 7504

Passcode: 794781

Facebook Research at CHI 2021

All times are in PST. Facebook-affiliated authors are in bold.

Sunday, May 9 | Monday, May 10

6:00pm | 10:00am

Late-Breaking Work – D & F

  • Automated Video Description for Blind and Low Vision Users

    Aditya Bodi, Pooyan Fazli, Shasta Ihorn, Yue-Ting Siu, Andrew T Scott, Lothar D Narins, Yash Kant, Abhishek Das, Ilmi Yoon

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Monday, May 10

12:00am | 8:00am

Computational Physical Interaction – B & C

  • Understanding, Detecting and Mitigating the Effects of Coactivations in Ten-Finger Mid-Air Typing in Virtual Reality (honorable mention)

    Conor R Foy, John J Dudley, Aakar Gupta, Hrvoje Benko, Ola Kristensson

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Tuesday, May 11 | Wednesday, May 12

4:20pm | 8:20am

Vision and Sensing – A & C

  • ElectroRing: Subtle Pinch and Touch Detection with a Ring
    Wolf Kienzle, Eric Whitmire, Chris Rittaler, Hrvoje Benko

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4:40pm | 9:10am

Fabrication – A & C

  • Coupling Simulation and Hardware for Interactive Circuit Debugging (best paper)
    Evan Strasnick, Maneesh Agrawala, SeanFollmer

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Wednesday, May 12 | Thursday, May 13

4:10pm | 9:00am

AR and VR – A & C

  • Armstrong: An Empirical Examination of Pointing at Non-Dominant Arm-Anchored UIs in Virtual Reality

    Zhen Li, Joannes Chan, Joshua Walton, Hrvoje Benko, Daniel Wigdor, Michael Glueck

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6:00pm | 10:00am

Late-breaking work – D & F

  • A Multichannel Pneumatic Analog Control System for Haptic Displays
    Benjamin Stephens-Fripp, Ali Israr, Carine Rognon

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Other activities at CHI 2021

Friday, May 14

6:00am | 2:00pm

New research award opportunity

We are excited to launch another research award opportunity for academia at CHI 2021. This request for proposals (RFP) aims to fund more external research about people’s experiences on Instagram and how we can improve our policies or products to support the community. We’re currently requesting research proposals from global academics and non-profits. For more information about the RFP, including eligibility, areas of interest, and timing, click the button below.

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