CSCW 2020

CSCW 2020 takes place from October 17 to 21. Facebook researchers and recruiters from Core Data Science and UX Research will once again be both participating and supporting this event as the world’s experts in social computing gather, this time in a virtual setting, to discuss the latest research insights.

Facebook research at CSCW 2020

Wednesday, October 21

Session: Online Community Reflections

9:00 am – 10:30 am UTC (Room 3)

Excerpt: Social comparison is a common focus in discussions of online social media use and differences in its frequency, causes, and outcomes may arise from country or cultural differences. To understand how these differences play a role in experiences of social comparison on Facebook, a survey of 37,729 people across 18 countries was paired with respondents’ activity on Facebook. (Read more)

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Other activities at CSCW 2020

Description: What is it like to switch from academic to industry research? Many members of the Facebook Research team transitioned from academia and still make daily use of the theoretical, methodological, and practical research skills they learned in school. From their research collaborations with design, engineering, and policy teams, they regularly see how their work has a direct impact on improving the experiences of billions of people around the world.

Join us for a panel in which Facebook UX Researchers discuss their own personal and professional journeys from academia to industry. We’ll talk about what product research is like, compare industry and academic work culture, and share firsthand tips for making the transition for both early students and seasoned faculty.

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Engaging with Facebook Researchers

Ordinarily, for an in-person conversation it would be easy to visit the Facebook booth, attend one of the Facebook social events, or listen to a Facebook researcher present their paper and follow up with questions. Given the challenges of a virtual setting, we have created a number of specific engagement opportunities to make it easy to connect with a researcher or recruiter to get some insights or advice, including a general discussion of becoming a researcher at Facebook and how best to pursue a career opportunity:

Location: CSCW virtual conference (Facebook Zoom room)

  • October 20 from 10:30 am to 11:00 am PST

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Our open culture and diverse teams of experts, along with our emphasis on academic collaboration and sharing model, deliver a unique chance to grow as a researcher and engineer while directly contributing new ideas and technologies that impact experiences of billions of people around the world.