PCS 2021

Picture Coding Symposium (PCS) is the pioneer conference in the area of image and video coding. It has the longest history since its establishment in 1969. This year, the 35th PCS will be hosted by the University of Bristol and held virtually from Tuesday, June 29 to Friday, July 2.

Facebook has been actively contributing to the research advancement in image and video coding, and we are proud to hold a workshop session dedicated to presenting and discussing the challenges on delivery media for billions at our scale. Join the PCS workshop presented by Facebook on Tuesday, June 29 at the following link:


About the workshop

Delivering Media for Billions

Facebook, through its variety of surfaces including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, as well as hardware devices such as Portal and Oculus, processes and delivers media to billions of users around the world every day. Making sure every one of those videos is delivered at the best quality with as little buffering as possible means optimizing not only when and how our video codecs compress and decompress videos for viewing, but also which codecs are used for which videos. In addition, it is increasingly challenging to measure and optimize the experiences when most users interact with media on mobile devices over highly variable network conditions.

In our session, we will show how Facebook deals with its high demand for encoding high-quality video content by combining a benefit-cost model with a machine learning model that lets us prioritize advanced encoding for highly watched videos, how Facebook leverages visual quality metrics to optimize mobile playback experiences, and discuss the operational (audio, video, network, performance, etc.) issues related to real-time calling on hardware devices, focusing in our experience with Facebook Portal.

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