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Furthering economic inclusion of marginalized entrepreneurs

We are sharing findings from a Meta-commissioned research study authored by professors Jock Collins and Mohanbir Sawhney that explores the unique experiences of SMB leaders belonging to groups excluded by race, ethnicity, or indigenous status. The authors examine both the challenges facing these entrepreneurs, but also seek to understand how these leaders are able to leverage digital tools to help overcome the social, economic and cultural barriers they may face in conducting business. The report finds that while digital technologies are only one arm of a multi-pronged solution to economic inequality, digital tools do empower these business leaders to overcome barriers and establish and grow successful businesses.

Global white paper

The white paper, “Fostering Inclusive Growth: How Digital Tools Benefit Entrepreneurs from Marginalized Groups,” synthesizes findings across countries, highlighting both similarities and nuances in the experiences of minority entrepreneurs interviewed.

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Country deep dives

Our in-depth analyses spotlit entrepreneurs and small business owners in eight countries from around the globe. Together with local experts on minority entrepreneurship, the authors paint a picture of the realities and opportunities in each market.

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