Headshot of Muthukaruppan Annamalai
Headshot of Muthukaruppan Annamalai


Muthukaruppan Annamalai

Software Engineer

I have a passion for research on distributed systems problems in an industry environment. I am one of the founding members of a distributed, key-value store called ZippyDB that we built at Meta (previously Facebook). ZippyDB currently servers a variety of workloads with challenging scale and performance requirements. My other work at Meta includes founding Akkio, which helps exploit locality and data temperature characteristics in data to more efficiently store it. Before my career at Meta, I worked at Microsoft solving a variety of distributed systems problems. I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) from the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras and my Master’s degree in CSE from the University of Washington – Seattle.


Distributed systems, geo-replicated storage, databases, data consistency, efficient data storage