Headshot of Sharon Ayalde
Headshot of Sharon Ayalde


Sharon Ayalde

Academic Engagements Lead (ROAR)

I am a Research Program Manager on the Meta Research Operations and Academic Relations team. As the Academic Engagements lead, I support my team of research program managers to foster engaging collaborations, provide opportunities for funding, design projects, and sponsor conference, lab, and diversity activities. My team builds strategic plans that align to Meta research and policy teams’ goals for impact while increasing open opportunities for the academic community. I also create new mechanisms and processes at scale to increase value and ensure consistent methods when engaging with researchers and academics alike.

Prior to joining Meta, I had been working within the entertainment industry for the past 16+ years at GameWorks/Sega Entertainment USA and, most recently, Technicolor for 10.5 years where I worked in various marketing and program management roles. For the majority of my time at Technicolor, I worked for the Chief Scientist and the Chief Technology Officer managing and leading technical initiatives—the Technicolor Fellowship Network, Engineering Awards, Scientific Advisory Board and the Technicolor Science & Technology Week. I received my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from California State University, Fullerton.