Headshot of Eytan Bakshy
Headshot of Eytan Bakshy


Eytan Bakshy

Research Manager - Core Data Science

I am a Senior Scientist on Meta's Core Data Science team, where I lead the Adaptive Experimentation group. I am particularly interested developing scalable and robust methods for causal inference and reinforcement learning that help people design and optimize better systems.


Reinforcement learning, causal inference, multi-armed bandits, bayesian optimization and field experiments

Latest Publications

Looper: an end-to-end ML platform for product decisions

Igor L. Markov, Hanson Wang, Nitya Kasturi, Shaun Singh, Mia Garrard, Yin Huang, Sze Wai Yuen, Sarah Tran, Zehui Wang, Igor Glotov, Tanvi Gupta, Peng Chen, Boshuang Huang, Xiaowen Xie, Michael Belkin, Sal Uryasev, Sam Howie, Eytan Bakshy, Norm Zhou

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