Headshot of Josh Berdine
Headshot of Josh Berdine


Josh Berdine

Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer on the Static Analysis Tools team in the Meta London Engineering office. I joined Meta in 2015, and before that was a researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge since 2005.

My research is in the broad area of programming languages, mostly dealing with static analysis and program logic, with a specific focus on automatic analysis and verification using separation logic. Cristiano Calcagno, Peter O’Hearn and I initiated research and development on automating separation logic, which became the technical core and foundation of the Microsoft SLAyer and Meta Infer analyzers. Infer currently runs in production on every change submitted to the Meta mobile apps.

I received the 2016 CAV Award “for the development of Separation Logic and for demonstrating its applicability in the automated verification of programs that mutate data structures.”

I am on the program committee of SAS 2019, CAV 2019, and VMCAI 2019 and recently sat on the program committees of ADSL 2018, ESOP 2018, SAS 2017, POPL 2017 and HOPE 2016.


Programming languages, static analysis and program logic