Headshot of Diego Castaneda
Headshot of Diego Castaneda


Diego Castaneda

UX Researcher

I’m currently working on the User Experience Research team as a Mixed-methods (Quantitative and Qualitative) Researcher. Prior to joining Meta, I was a post-doctoral fellow in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry conducting research on mobile mental health technologies (patient and provider facing). During my doctoral studies as a health communication student at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, I focused on understanding the uses of multi-media interventions in promoting health behaviors, specifically by leveraging theoretically and strategically intentioned entertainment to deliver persuasive health information via broadcast television. Since that time, my work in the digital space has spanned a variety of human centered issues including HIV prevention, emergency preparedness and improving voting access. My work has been presented at/in mental health, communication, and public health conferences/publications, and even featured on news and TV! When I’m not working, I enjoy being in the outdoors, spending time with my family, watching all manner of sports and reading engrossing fiction.


Cultural contexts, information accessibility and adoption, health communication