Headshot of YuLing Chen
Headshot of YuLing Chen


YuLing Chen

Production Engineer and Network Data Scientist - Networking

I am a Production Engineer and Data Scientist at Facebook Network Infra team. I work on CDN traffic and capacity forecasts, performance optimization, and reliability enhancements. I completed my Master’s degree in Computer Science from McGill University in Canada, and getting my second Master’s degree in Data Science from U.C. Berkeley. Prior to Facebook, I worked as Software Engineer in Cisco Systems, Dell, Ericsson, and IBM Canada in a broad range of areas including BigData Analytics in networking, Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration, Data Center Network Management, SDN and NFV, and Distributed Database Architecture.

Latest Publications

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YuLing Chen, Colorado Reed, Hongsuk Nam, Kevin Jun, Chenlin Ye, Joyce Shen, David Steier

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