Headshot of Andrea Coens
Headshot of Andrea Coens


Andrea Coens

UX Researcher

I joined Facebook in January 2016 in our London office. My work to date has focused on the Local Solutions team, studying how businesses with a physical presence think about their advertising goals on and off our platform. Prior to joining Facebook, I was Director of User Experience at Shoefitr until its acquisition, a product designer at Salesforce focusing on the Chatter Discovery teams, and a contractor for industrial design product development. In addition to my work in user experience, I have enjoyed teaching my craft to others publicly both in London and San Francisco. My alma mater is Carnegie Mellon University, where I did my undergrad and graduate degrees in industrial design and human computer interaction. Outside of Facebook, I love to build new things with my hands and continue to learn through doing, exploring, traveling, photographing and cooking.

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