Headshot of Ronan Collobert
Headshot of Ronan Collobert


Ronan Collobert

Research Lead

I joined Facebook in September 2014, as a Research Scientist in the AI Research Group. In the previous past four years I was a researcher at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland, leading the Applied Machine Learning group. Previously, I have spent six years at NEC Labs in Princeton, NJ. My current interests are around deep learning in general, with applications in natural language, image and speech processing. I also hack Torch (a machine learning library) on my free time. I received my PhD from University of Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris, while achieving it under the supervision of the Bengio brothers (Idiap in Swizterland, and University of Montreal).


Natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, software for machine learning

Latest Publications

Libri-light: A benchmark for ASR with limited or no supervision

Jacob Kahn, Morgan Rivière, Weiyi Zheng, Evgeny Kharitonov, Qiantong Xu, Pierre-Emmanuel Mazaré, Julien Karadayi, Vitaliy Liptchinsky, Ronan Collobert, Christian Fuegen, Tatiana Likhomanenko, Gabriel Synnaeve, Armand Joulin, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Emmanuel Dupoux

ICASSP - 2020