Headshot of Dino Distefano
Headshot of Dino Distefano


Dino Distefano

Research Scientist

I am an engineering manager working on software verification and static analysis.

I received my PhD from University of Twente (NL). After several years of academic research at Queen Mary University of London, I co-founded Monoidics Ltd, a London-based high-tech start-up providing automatic software verification to safety critical industries. Monoidics was acquired by Facebook in 2013. I maintain a part-time professor position at Queen Mary University of London.

My research interests include programming languages, static analysis, logic, and program verification.

I co-developed several software tools for program analysis and verification. The latest tool, the Facebook Infer program analyzer, helps developers to identify bugs before software is shipped to users.

I am the recipient of the Roger Needham Award 2012, the Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal 2014 and the CAV 2016 Award.


Programming languages, static analysis, logic, and program verification

Latest Publications

Moving Fast with Software Verification

Cristiano Calcagno, Dino Distefano, Jeremy Dubreil, Dominik Gabi, Pieter Hooimeijer, Martino Luca, Peter O'Hearn, Irene Papakonstantinou, Jim Purbrick, Dulma Churchill