Headshot of Carlos Diuk
Headshot of Carlos Diuk


Carlos Diuk

Data Scientist - Core Data Science

I’m a Data Scientist on the Data Science team at Meta. I work on improving our understanding of people’s behavior on Meta, and figuring out what we can learn about society from people’s online identity. I received a PhD in computer science from Rutgers University where I studied reinforcement learning, the problem of learning to maximize reward from direct interaction with the world. After receiving my PhD I spent four years as a postdoctoral researcher in the Psychology Department at Princeton University, where I studied “Reinforcement Learning in the Brain” using fMRI and behavioral paradigms. A decade or so ago I also did my undergrad in computer science at the University of Buenos Aires, where I used 18th-Century marital records to reconstruct the family trees of two small towns in colonial Bolivia.


User behavior modeling, social network analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence