Headshot of Xin Luna Dong
Headshot of Xin Luna Dong


Xin Luna Dong

Research Scientist

I’m the Head Scientist at Facebook AR/VR Assistant. Prior to joining Facebook, I was a Senior Principal Scientist at Amazon leading the efforts to build Amazon Product Knowledge Graph. Before that, I was one of the major contributors to the Google Knowledge Vault project, and have led the Knowledge-based Trust project, which is called the “Google Truth Machine” by Washington’s Post. My research interests include information extraction, data integration, data cleaning, graph mining and embedding, and knowledge-based search and recommendation. I have co-authored books “Machine Knowledge: Creation and Curation of Comprehensive Knowledge Bases” and “Big Data Integration”. I have the great honor to be awarded ACM Distinguished Member for contributions on knowledge integration and knowledge fusion, and the VLDB Early Career Research Contribution Award for “Advancing the state of the art of knowledge fusion”. I serve in the VLDB endowment and the PVLDB advisory committee, and is a PC co-chair for WSDM’2022, VLDB’2021, and Sigmod’2018.


Knowledge graph, data quality, graph mining, search