Headshot of Matthijs Douze
Headshot of Matthijs Douze


Matthijs Douze

Research Scientist

I am a research scientist at the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) lab in Paris since November 2015. At Facebook I am working on large-scale indexing (see the Faiss library), machine learning with graphs and similarity search on images and videos. I obtained a master’s degree from the ENSEEIHT engineering school and defended my PhD at University of Toulouse in 2004. In 2005-2015 I joined the LEAR team at INRIA Grenoble where I worked on a variety of topics, including image indexing, large-scale vector indexing, event recognition in videos and similar video search. In 2010-2015 I also managed Kinovis, a large 3D motion capture studio at INRIA and developed high-performance geometric algorithms for constructive solid geometry operations.

In addition to FAIR’s general research topics, I am interested in snappy algorithms that process images and produce graphical results.


Computer vision, machine learning, similarity search and large-scale indexing