Headshot of Angela Fan
Headshot of Angela Fan


Angela Fan

Research Engineer

I am a PhD student at INRIA Nancy and Facebook AI Research Paris, advised by Antoine Bordes, Chloe Braud, and Claire Gardent. I am interested in text generation. Before starting my PhD, I was a research engineer at FAIR for two and a half years and got a Bachelor’s degree in statistics at Harvard.


Machine learning, natural language processing, and data visualization

Latest Publications

Findings of the AmericasNLP 2021 Shared Task on Open Machine Translation for Indigenous Languages of the Americas

Manuel Mager, Arturo Oncevay, Abteen Ebrahimi, John Ortega, Annette Rios, Angela Fan, Ximena Gutierrez-Vasques, Luis Chiruzzo, Gustavo A. Giménez-Lugo, Ricardo Ramos, Ivan Vladimir Meza Ruiz, Rolando Coto-Solano, Alexis Palmer, Elisabeth Mager, Vishrav Chaudhary, Graham Neubig, Ngoc Thang Vu, Katharina Kann

Natural Language Processing for Indigenous Languages of the Americas (AmericasNLP) at NAACL - 2021

Generating Fact Checking Briefs

Angela Fan, Aleksandra Piktus, Fabio Petroni, Guillaume Wenzek, Marzieh Saeidi, Andreas Vlachos, Antoine Bordes, Sebastian Riedel

EMNLP - 2020