Headshot of Han Fang
Headshot of Han Fang


Han Fang

Research Scientist Manager, Generative AI

I am currently a Research Scientist Manager at Meta AI, building Generative AI services to enable brand new experiences to billions of users across Meta family of apps. I am leading the applied research efforts on building and productionizing large language models at scale.

​Previously I led a team of 30 research scientists and machine learning engineers and drove step-function improvement in recommendation outcomes across IG and FB, including Feed and Reels. My team developed AI technologies for a world-class recommendation system​, including Meta User Graph for billion-scale graph learning, efficient Transformer and multi-domain multi-task learning for user modeling.

​Prior to that team, I developed state-of-the-art AI services across Meta family of apps, including the industry-first scalable Few-shot Learner (FSL), Reinforcement Learning based deep learning model optimizer (also known as RIO), extremely efficient Transformer architecture called Linformer, and billion-scale multi-modal multi-lingual content understanding.

​I hold a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and have published highly influential papers in top-tier conferences and journals with 3600+ citations. I am a recipient of the President’s Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students, the Woo-Jong Kim Dissertation Award, and the Excellence in Research Award. I am a strong believer in giving back to the community. In my spare time, I serve as an industry advisory board member for University of Washington.


Generative AI, natural language processing, multi-modal content understanding, reinforcement learning