Headshot of Carol Farnsworth
Headshot of Carol Farnsworth


Carol Farnsworth

UX Researcher

I am a qualitative researcher, with some quantitative experience. I use qualitative and ethnographic methods for problem finding and framing. I work with cross functional and diverse teams to explore work problems. I use this collaborative approach to focus on transforming work experiences. My research in recent years has focused on CRM, HR onboarding, call center and service support, marketing, finance and a number of other work areas. I am an educational psychologist by training. I have led user experience teams at SAP, Keynote Systems, Noosh and Stanford. Earlier I was a product manager for a suite of classroom applications for grades K-12 at CTB McGraw-Hill.


Generative research, design thinking workshops, user-centered research methods, mentoring new researchers, leveraging the power of multi-talented teams, collaborating with researchers with different skills, and working on emerging market entrepreneur and enterprise products