Headshot of Louis Feng
Headshot of Louis Feng


Louis Feng

Performance and Capacity Engineer

I am a Performance and Capacity Engineer in the Infrastructures Group. My current focus is to help our ML models to scale and create tools and systems to help our engineers to be more productive at solving performance and efficiency problems.

Previously, I was in the Intel AIPG team, where my focus was on deep learning compilers (nGraph). I optimized deep learning models (CNN, RNN, NLP, etc.) through design and implementing high level compiler IR, operator fusions, and kernel optimizations. In the Technical Computing Group, I worked closely with DreamWorks Animation R&D and Pixar RenderMan Group on Digital Content Creation (DCC) related products and technologies. Before joining Intel I was a R&D engineer at Disney/ImageMovers Digital (IMD). While I was there, I contributed to the creation of the in-house rendering pipeline and tools.

During my graduate school years at UCD, I was fortunate to work at EA/Maxis (credits: Spore), Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and Pixar Animation Studios (credits: Up).


High performance computing, deep learning, machine learning, realistic rendering, scientific visualization