Headshot of Peter Forbes
Headshot of Peter Forbes


Peter Forbes

Applied Research Scientist - Core Data Science

I am a Statistician focused on detecting small signals in A/B experiments by using localized metrics and controlling for endogenous effects.


Hierarchical models, causal inference, A/B experimentation methodology

Latest Publications

Top Challenges from the first Practical Online Controlled Experiments Summit

Somit Gupta, Ronny Kohavi, Diane Tang, Ya Xu, Reid Andersen, Eytan Bakshy, Niall Cardin, Sumitha Chandran, Nanyu Chen, Dominic Coey, Mike Curtis, Alex Deng, Weitao Duan, Peter Forbes, Brian Frasca, Tommy Guy, Guido W. Imbens, Guillaume Saint Jacques, Pranav Kantawala, Ilya Katsev, Moshe Katzwer, Mikael Konutgan, Elena Kunakova, Minyong Lee, MJ Lee, Joseph Liu, James McQueen, Amir Najmi, Brent Smith, Vivek Trehan, Lukas Vermeer, Toby Walker, Jeffrey Wong, Igor Yashkov

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