Headshot of Julie Francis
Headshot of Julie Francis


Julie Francis

UX Researcher

I’m part of the mighty UX Research team at Oculus, focusing on Enterprise. Before joining Enterprise, I worked on many aspects of our consumer experiences — from Oculus Go to finding & choosing content across our product suite (Rift, Go, and Quest). I’m passionate about journey mapping and I love creating personas.

Before I joined Facebook, I spent many, many years at the helm of a tiny research consultancy, BellaVia Research. I was fortunate to work with many great clients on juicy topics, and was having a blast until I could no longer resist the appeal of working in VR. When I’m not interviewing people or pondering a user journey, I’m hanging in Santa Cruz with my two teenage girls, probably listening to music with a thumping base line too loud with a glass of wine in my hand.