Headshot of Igor Glotov
Headshot of Igor Glotov


Igor Glotov

Software Engineer

I’m a Software Engineer within the Probability team at Meta AI Infrastructure. I have passion for AI, privacy and security, and building reliable systems. I’m working on bringing easy to use and efficient machine learning frameworks to mobile devices.

Prior to Meta, I worked on personal privacy and security tools for iOS/Android systems.


On-device machine learning, mobile ML, federated learning, AI privacy

Latest Publications

Looper: an end-to-end ML platform for product decisions

Igor L. Markov, Hanson Wang, Nitya Kasturi, Shaun Singh, Mia Garrard, Yin Huang, Sze Wai Yuen, Sarah Tran, Zehui Wang, Igor Glotov, Tanvi Gupta, Peng Chen, Boshuang Huang, Xiaowen Xie, Michael Belkin, Sal Uryasev, Sam Howie, Eytan Bakshy, Norm Zhou

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