Headshot of Joe Goldberg
Headshot of Joe Goldberg


Joe Goldberg

Quantitative UX Researcher

I conduct quantitative UX research for Facebook’s Product Foundations team, which is concerned with improving quality and performance across Facebook apps. My primary research focus is in understanding the factors that influence perceived complexity and reliability of Facebook apps. The research methods that I use include online surveys, eye tracking, and various qualitative approaches. My Ph.D. was in both Industrial Engineering and Psychology from the University of Michigan. In the past 35 years, I was a professor of Industrial Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, a Research Scientist at Oracle Corporation, and a Quantitative UX Researcher at Google. My research has been broadly published in many ACM and HFES journals and conferences, and I’ve been an inventor or co-inventor on 24 awarded patents in eye tracking, querying, visualization, and modeling approaches. I previously held visiting appointments at NASA/Johnson Space Center and Oak Ridge National Lab.


Improving user experience via computational analysis of eye tracking, user logs, and other data sources