Headshot of Auzita Irani
Headshot of Auzita Irani


Auzita Irani

UX Researcher

I was born and raised in Pune, India where I got a degree in computer engineering. I went on to get a master’s degree in human computer interaction from Georgia Tech after an internship at a mobile application development company made me realize that a great product was worth nothing if people didn’t know how to use it. I started learning more about design thinking and qualitative research and that led me to do an internship at eBay where I focused on personalized shopping experiences. I collaborated with a children’s museum in Atlanta for my master’s project that focused on educational technology, which would help children between the ages of 4-10 learn more about STEM through interaction with a virtual buddy. I joined Facebook after graduating with my master’s degree in 2016 and am on the Marketplaces team. I am passionate about the user and creating an experience that is transparent.


Educational technology, ethnography, design thinking, participatory design, user research, human computer interaction, wearables, social good, and visual storytelling

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