Headshot of Sanket Jadhav
Headshot of Sanket Jadhav


Sanket Jadhav

User Research Manager

As a User Research Manager for the Public Connections team at Facebook, I support a team of researchers investigating fascinating questions such as what it means to have a public presence on social media, what are the identity needs for notable people and businesses with a large audience, why do people connect and engage with public personalities and businesses, and what does a digital equivalent of a town-square look like? Prior to this, I studied content creators, fans, and the relationship they share to help build products that empower them to build communities, enable meaningful social connection as well as earn a sustainable living.

As a Mechanical Engineer, I moved to the U.S. from India to become an ergonomist and really understand how to study what people really need and design for those needs. I earned my master’s in Human Factors Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. Mid-way through grad school, I got so fascinated by cognitive psychology, user-centered design, and research methods that it led me to pursue User Research as a career path and I have loved the world of research and product design since. Prior to joining Facebook, I held research roles at macys.com, realtor.com, T-Mobile, and HTC.

When not at work, I enjoy trying a variety of food (both at home and in restaurants) and try not miss an opportunity to travel and explore the world.


Human-centered design, design-thinking, psychology, fandom, identity and social impact

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