Headshot of Ahmed Jafri
Headshot of Ahmed Jafri


Ahmed Jafri

Software Engineer

I focus on distributed systems problems at Meta. My team, Delos, builds strongly consistent metadata storage systems for control plane applications. In the past I've implemented interactive transactions in Delos and a gossip based failure detector.

I worked previously at Adobe Systems in the digital video and audio group where I worked on remote rendering of video and collaborative editing. I received my BS in EE/CSE from University of Washington.

Latest Publications

Log-structured Protocols in Delos

Mahesh Balakrishnan, Mihir Dharamshi, David Geraghty, Santosh Ghosh, Filip Gruszczynski, Jun Li, Jingming Liu, Suyog Mapara, Rajeev Nagar, Ivailo Nedelchev, Francois Richard, Chen Shen, Yee Jiun Song, Rounak Tibrewal, Vidhya Venkat, Ahmed Yossef, Ali Zaveri


Virtual Consensus in Delos

Mihir Dharamshi, Santosh Ghosh, Filip Gruszczynski, Hazem Hassan, Huy Hoang, Jingming Liu, Francois Richard, Aaryaman Sagar, Chen Shen, Rhed Shi, Yee Jiun Song, Ahmed Yossef, Xianan Zhang