Headshot of Aditya Kalro
Headshot of Aditya Kalro


Aditya Kalro

Engineering Manager

I manage the Core ML Platform team that includes FBLearner Flow and the Predictor infrastructure. Our team builds and maintains the system that manages the ML pipelines for several teams at Facebook including Feed and Ads.

I worked in advertising for more than 10 years, starting with SMS-based ads, email marketing all the way to Creative Security and writing new rich media ad formats for the Xbox One and Tablets, during which time I had the opportunity to contribute to multiple standards for online advertising including MRAID for mobile ads and VPAID for video ads.

I’m from Bangalore, India where I started my career at Yahoo! as an intern. I then moved to Microsoft to lead the Ad Experiences team for a few years and joined Facebook in 2015.


Machine learning, display advertising, and security