Headshot of Funda Kivran-Swaine
Headshot of Funda Kivran-Swaine


Funda Kivran-Swaine

Research Manager

I joined Facebook in August 2014 as a user experience researcher. I’m an information scientist, currently completing my PhD at Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information. I’ve earned my BS in computer science and engineering from Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey, and worked as a user experience designer prior to continuing my graduate studies. My academic research focuses on social interactions in computer-mediated settings, specifically self-disclosure of emotions in everyday life as well as around significant life events. My work has been published in venues such as CHI, CSCW and ICWSM. I currently support the Public Content team at Facebook.


Social computing, sociolinguistics, computer-mediated communication, human information behavior and self-disclosure