Headshot of Julius Kusuma
Headshot of Julius Kusuma


Julius Kusuma

Research Scientist

I am a Research Scientist in Meta’s Physical Modeling team, working on technologies for a more sustainable digital infrastructure. I had worked in Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, where I worked on technologies to help connect the unconnected in challenging areas. For rural connectivity, I helped develop solutions for wireless transport / backhaul network design, and power optimization for off-grid sites. In rural areas with rugged terrain, diffractive wireless point-to-point links can improve coverage by a significant margin. In areas that lack electrical grid coverage, smart power management can reduce the number of solar panels and batteries without sacrificing relevant performance. In dense urban areas, mmWave wireless linkscan enable rapid deployment of broadband networks. To achieve the greatest impact, I work with research partners in industry and academia.

Prior to Meta, I was principal scientist and program manager at Schlumberger Research, working on communication and sensing systems for Subsurface and Subsea systems in the oilfield domain. I worked on digital communication systems for drilling, wireline, and reservoir characterization, using electro-magnetics, acoustics, and cables. My team and I were the first to demonstrate real-time wireless video at 1km over a subsea channel, using acoustics. I have also done some work on the information theory of cloud storage, low-rate sampling for neurophysical applications. I received my PhD from MIT in 2006, where I was an MIT Presidential Fellow; my MS from UC Berkeley in 2001, where I received the Demetri Angelakos Memorial Award; and my BS from Purdue University in 1999, where I received the Rappaport Wireless Comms Scholarship.


Sustainability, data centers, carbon capture, connectivity, signal processing, wireless networks