Headshot of Daphne Liang
Headshot of Daphne Liang


Daphne Liang

UX Researcher

I lead UX research for Spark World AR and partner closely with our AR product design teams to understand, drive, and recommend new AR use cases for mobile and beyond. I also lead our user research efforts in understanding how computational photography and intelligent cameras can enable better storytelling and content consumption experiences.

Prior to Facebook, my most memorable experience was working for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I collaborated with NASA scientists and engineers to improve the efficiency of uplink operations for the Europa Clipper mission.

I received my Master’s in Human Computer Interaction from University of Washington and my Bachelor’s in International Studies and Japanese Linguistics also from UW.


Ethnographic research, international research, research and product strategy, emerging markets, AR/VR, online communities, social media and sharing