Headshot of Sam Lightstone
Headshot of Sam Lightstone


Sam Lightstone

Software Engineer

I am a Technology Executive and Software Engineer at Meta (formerly Facebook). I lead a number of technical initiatives across Meta’s infrastructure and operational data stack. I also lead Meta’s university and research collaborations for database and online data. Prior to joining Meta from 2020-2021 I was IBM Chief Technology Officer for AI. From 2017-2020 I was the IBM Chief Technology Officer for Data focusing on IBM’s database and big data portfolio. I was cofounder of the IEEE Workgroup on Self-Managing Database Systems (founded in 2005 and still going!). I have more than 65 patents issued and pending and has authored 4 books and over 30 papers. My books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, fencing (epee and foil) and cycling.


Efficiency and performance, databases, cloud computing, distributed systems