Headshot of Camela Logan
Headshot of Camela Logan


Camela Logan

UX Researcher

I joined the user experience research team at Facebook in 2016. Before joining Facebook, I was a user experience research consultant at eBay Enterprise. I completed a PhD in contemporary Francophone African expressive cultures at the University of Michigan, which examined the relation of prominent Francophone African immigrant men’s clothing styles to gender and racial identifications and notions of nationhood and physical space in Paris, France. I also hold a master’s in medieval and modern languages (French) from the University of Oxford and bachelor’s degrees in French civilization and international relations (politics, cultures, identities) from Brown University. My anthropological background and love for foreign languages greatly informs my research interests: I focus on the ways culture and language shape people’s experiences in relating to as well as identifying and connecting with others. I’m a strong believer in the power of effective intercultural communication, and am fascinated by the pivotal role that platforms like Facebook play in facilitating meaningful cross-cultural experiences and connections.


Cultural sensitivity, cross-cultural communication, languages, anthropology, ethnography, philanthropy, visual storytelling, diversity, and qualitative research