Headshot of Nikita Lytkin
Headshot of Nikita Lytkin


Nikita Lytkin

Manager, Machine Learning

I lead teams of machine learning scientists, engineers, and managers. We develop break-through technologies and new optimization products powering the entire advertising ecosystem across Facebook, Instagram, and all other surfaces. Our systems make personalized connections between over two billion people, millions of businesses, and billions of products globally. Our work spans the full range of research and development of large-scale technologies for ads delivery based on deep learning (retrieval, ranking, recommender systems), and user intent and multimodal content understanding.

Prior to Facebook, I led teams of machine learning engineers and data scientists at LinkedIn where we made LinkedIn News Feed highly engaging for over 400 million members while delivering hundreds of millions in annual revenue via advertising. Before LinkedIn, I led teams of machine learning experts in computational advertising at Quantcast. We drove double-digit increases in performance of Quantcast’s online Advertising products and company revenue by developing data driven solutions for ad delivery, fraud detection, and campaign management.

I completed my Ph.D. in Machine Learning at Rutgers University. My research focused on machine learning and its applications on textual and financial data. I have co-authored over 25 patents, and continue to speak at conferences and publish in machine learning venues.


Machine learning, recommendation systems