Headshot of Pratiti Raychoudhury
Headshot of Pratiti Raychoudhury


Pratiti Raychoudhury

Head of Research

I started at Facebook in October 2010 as a researcher working on Facebook Platform. I set up the Developer Sentiment program when I joined and it’s still going strong. I am currently the Global Head of User Research. Before then, I was the Director of Research for Utility which comprises of Search, Platform and PPT (Timeline + Open Graph). The Utility group is focused on building tools that help people answer questions and better understand the world around them. Prior to Facebook, I was the Director of Customer Insights at Yahoo where I led brand and campaign insights globally for Yahoo and also led market and user experience research for Yahoo! Open Strategy (Open Social initiatives). I started as the first market researcher at PayPal and eventually led the consumer research team.

I am passionate about simplicity of design for the user and understanding why users do what they do. I like to bring this to life by designing and implementing strategic research solutions that utilize design centered research and/or market research, quantitative or qualitative methods – with the end goal that it has an impact on our product in some shape or form.