Headshot of Nicolas Scheffer
Headshot of Nicolas Scheffer


Nicolas Scheffer

Research Scientist

I joined Facebook in 2014 as a Research Scientist working on the application of machine learning technologies in Facebook products to affect the experience of millions of people. My work spans multiple areas: from language identification in audio, to speech recognition to empower automatic transcription of video, to natural language processing to enable FB teams to easily build state-of-the-art neural net models in their product.

Prior to FB, I worked at SRI International supporting the efforts in speaker and language recognition to develop innovative robust systems. I successfully delivered multiple research programs from US agencies (DARPA, IARPA) and commercial customers.

I obtained my Phd in Computer Science in 2006 from University of Avignon, France and my Masters in Computer & Control Systems from IMT Atlantique in 2002 (formerly known as Nantes School of Mines)


Applications of AI, data management for AI, natural language processing, speech technologies, machine learning.

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