Headshot of Brandon Schlinker
Headshot of Brandon Schlinker


Brandon Schlinker

Research Scientist

At Meta, my work spans all things networking — from the datacenter to user facing products.

Since joining in 2016, I've led the development of multiple measurement and traffic engineering systems used to monitor and route Meta's Internet and datacenter traffic. More recently, I've led efforts focused on improving user experience through network-centric optimizations. During these engagements, my team works with product groups to identify and action opportunities at the transport and application layers. Our work has yielded improvements to user experience across the board, from better quality video calls to faster page load times.

Before joining Meta, I completed my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, and my Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering at San Jose State University. My PhD dissertation was the runner-up for the ACM SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2022.


Content distribution networks, Internet routing, Internet measurement, transport protocols, congestion control, datacenter networks, network topologies, network measurement, TCP, QUIC, CDN