Headshot of Sabine Seyffarth
Headshot of Sabine Seyffarth


Sabine Seyffarth

UX Researcher

I am a researcher in the ads space here at Facebook. My current work focuses on businesses that partner with Facebook on the Audience Network.

Being a user researcher allows me to apply the skills I learned throughout my academic career in a fast-paced, results-driven environment while continuing to focus on understanding what motivates human behavior and shapes our perception of the physical and digital world. I am passionate about understanding each complex and unique context in which digital interactions occur and using the research insights to develop recommendations which drive the development of products that enrich value for the user and the business alike.

Before starting at Facebook in 2018 I worked for UX consultancies supporting a large variety of businesses with their research needs. Prior to that I completed my BSc in Cognitive Science and my MSc in Experimental Psychology.


Usability, qualitative research, in-depth interviews, qualitative analysis, UX and product strategy