Headshot of Kavya Srinet
Headshot of Kavya Srinet


Kavya Srinet

Research Engineer

I am a Research Engineer in Facebook AI Research. I worked at the Silicon Valley AI Lab, Baidu Research for 2 years and spent a summer at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence before joining FAIR. I did my grad school at Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.


Natural language processing, speech, dialogue

Latest Publications

Why Build an Assistant in Minecraft?

Arthur Szlam, Jonathan Gray, Kavya Srinet, Yacine Jernite, Armand Joulin, Gabriel Synnaeve, Douwe Kiela, Haonan Yu, Zhuoyuan Chen, Siddharth Goyal, Demi Guo, Danielle Rothermel, Larry Zitnick, Jason Weston

arXiv - 2019