Headshot of Daniel Strazzulla Ortega
Headshot of Daniel Strazzulla Ortega


Daniel Strazzulla Ortega

Qualitative Researcher

I’m a UX Researcher on the Messenger Team focused on interoperability between different messaging platforms. As a human-computer interaction specialist I use methods and resources from different disciplines like computer science, sociology, psychology, and design, to understand how people use technology to communicate with each other.

I believe that people appropriate and customize communication applications to better serve their communication needs depending on who they’re interacting with. The challenge then becomes to design and implement communication solutions that are private, usable, extensible, and customizable.

Prior to joining Facebook I received a MSc. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and pursued PhD studies at the University of Paris-Sud in France. I also had the chance to study live streaming content creators and their communities as a researcher at Twitch.


Social networks, social computing, computer mediated communication, online bonds, ethnography, emerging markers, messaging, privacy, accessibility, design, design research, live streaming, and online communities.