Headshot of Laila A. Wahedi
Headshot of Laila A. Wahedi


Laila A. Wahedi

Research Scientist - Core Data Science

I am a Research Scientist in the Computational Social Science team within Core Data Science at Meta. My research interests vary across the field of security studies, international relations, and network science, but focus on understanding the evolution of network structures, particularly of hate and terror groups, but also in healthy communities. I am also interested in radicalization and de-radicalization processes.

I received my Doctorate from the department of Government at Georgetown University, and my Bachelor’s and Master’s from MIT in Political Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Before coming to Meta, I worked on military force planning, understanding forced migration during conflict, and the structure of professional networks online.


Terrorism, hate, radicalization, social network analysis, network structure, international relations, security studies