Headshot of Adina Williams
Headshot of Adina Williams


Adina Williams

Research Scientist

I am a Research Scientist at Meta AI Research in NYC (started October 2018). Previously, I earned my PhD at New York University in the Department of Linguistics, where I investigated the brain basis of syntactic and semantic processing. My main research goal is to strengthen the connections between linguistics and cognitive science on the one hand and natural language processing and artificial intelligence on the other. I approach this process from both directions: I bring linguistic and cognitive scientific insights about human language to bear on training, evaluating, and debiasing NLP systems, and also applies statistical methods and corpus analytic tools from NLP to uncover new quantitative, cross-linguistic facts about particular human languages.


NLP, formal linguistics, semantics, parsing, crowdsourcing and annotation for NLP, natural language inference, grammar induction and cognitive neuroscience of language