Headshot of Doria Xu
Headshot of Doria Xu


Doria Xu

Research Program Manager, Academic Engagements - Core Systems

I am a research program manager on the Research Operations and Academic Relations team at Facebook. I help the research teams map out academic engagements, such as corporate sponsorships and research collaborations. Acting as primary liaison between the research teams and the XFN partners, I ensure initiatives and programs are well scoped and executed. Currently, my areas of focus include Networking & Communications and Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

Prior to joining Facebook, I managed interdisciplinary research projects and cross-sector partnerships at various universities and civic organizations across a broad range of areas including capital markets, urban redevelopment, and responsible investment. Most recently, I served as a program manager at the Stanford’s Investment Responsibility Stakeholder Relations office. I received my M.A. in economic development from Vanderbilt University and hold LL.M. in financial regulation from Georgetown University Law Center.

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