Headshot of Shuayb Zarar
Headshot of Shuayb Zarar


Shuayb Zarar

Research Scientist Manager

I lead a team of bright Research Scientists within the Statistics and Privacy R&D Group. Our team solves optimization and ML problems across ads marketplace and data platforms. Before Meta, I led an applied science (product) team, tackling problems in NLP, CV and RL to better predict user-response to Search Ads (measured through clicks, conversions, intent and post-click behavior). Prior to that I also spent several years at Microsoft Research Redmond as a Principal Research Scientists working on distributed computing, cloud-edge arbitration, on-device data processing and energy-efficient ML algorithms.

I completed my degrees from IIT Madras (B.Tech.) and Princeton University (Ph.D.), both in Electrical Engineering. My research interests lie in applied ML for search and information retrieval, computational advertising, personalization and recommendation systems. I am also interested in sequential signal models, distributed data processing, graph algorithms and contextual bandits.