Headshot of Hao Zhang
Headshot of Hao Zhang


Hao Zhang

Engineering Manager

I am an engineering manager supporting the ads ranking team. Our team consists of world-class machine learning researchers and top coders from all over the world, working on interdisciplinary areas such as distributed machine learning systems, realtime processing systems, deep neural networks, content extraction and user intent understanding, recommender systems, ranking and statistical learning, to improve the overall accuracy and efficiency of ads delivery.   Before joining Facebook, I was a PhD student in the wireless foundations lab at UC Berkeley, where I also completed my master’s degree of statistics and my management certificate with the Haas School of Business. My PhD research was in the areas of video processing, optimization, network information retrieval and statistical learning.


Deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, content understanding, user intent exploration, distributed learning, embedding algorithms, recommender systems, convex optimization, distributed systems and statistical learning