Headshot of Ying Zhang
Headshot of Ying Zhang


Ying Zhang

Software Engineering Manager - Networking

I am a Software Engineering Manager in the Meta network infrastructure team, where I work on exciting large scale network management problems. Prior to joining Meta, I was a senior researcher and research manager at Hewlett Packard Labs, where I led the Network System Lab. Before HPE, I was a senior researcher in the Ericsson Research Silicon Valley Lab. I was the first person to discover the ZMW routing attack.

I earned my Ph.D. degree in 2009 in the EECS department from the University of Michigan. I have served on the technical program committee of several conferences and workshops, and am a senior member of the IEEE. I have been granted 30+ US/International patents and was reported by Swedish media as a Mobile Network 10 Brightest Researcher, and was awarded an N²Women Rising Star in Networking and Communications award in 2017.


Networking and systems, including network management, network function virtualization, software-defined networking, cloud, internet and cellular, internet routing and network security