Development of a customizable interactions questionnaire (CIQ) for evaluating interactions with objects in augmented/virtual reality

Journal of Virtual Reality


As new methods for interacting with systems are being developed for use within augmented or virtual reality, their impact on the quality of the user’s experience needs to be assessed. Although many instruments exist for evaluating the overall user experience or the computer interface used to complete tasks, few provide measures that can be used to evaluate the specific forms of interaction typically used in these environments. This paper describes the development of a customizable questionnaire for measuring the subjective user experience that focuses on the quality of the interactions with objects in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) worlds, which we are calling the Customizable Interactions Questionnaire, or (CIQ). The final questionnaire measures five factors that are related to user satisfaction while using the system: quality of interactions, assessment of task performance, comfort, quality of sensory enhancements, and consistency with expectations.

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