White Paper

The Digital Journey of SMEs in Australia


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the heart and soul of the Australian economy and community.They generate more than half of Australia’s economic growth and employ about two-thirds of the local workforce. They are the main catalyst for innovation, responsible for creating most of the country’s new products, services, processes, and business approaches.

SMEs play a pivotal role in the government’s plans for Australia to become a leading digital economy by 2030. Because of the need for social distancing duringthe pandemic, SMEs have already accelerated their use of digital technologies, from email, websites, and messaging apps to collaboration tools, the cloud, and e-commerce solutions. SMEs use these tools for both external and internal purposes: to connect and communicate with customers, employees, and suppliers; create new products and services; access new, cost-effective ways to market and sell their products; and drive operational efficiencies.

How is the adoption of digital technologies affecting the financial and business performance of SMEs? Which digital technologies and approaches deliver the best results for SMEs? And how will these results benefit the Australia economy?

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