DRESS: Dynamic REal-time Sparse Subnets

CVPR Workshop on Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision (ECV)


The limited and dynamically varied resources on edge devices motivate us to deploy an optimized deep neural network that can adapt its sub-networks to fit in different resource constraints. However, existing works often build sub-networks through searching different network architectures in a handcrafted sampling space, which not only can result in a subpar performance but also may cause on-device re-configuration overhead. In this paper, we propose a novel training algorithm, Dynamic REal-time Sparse Subnets (DRESS). DRESS samples multiple sub-networks from the same backbone network through row-based unstructured sparsity, and jointly trains these sub-networks in parallel with weighted loss. DRESS also exploits strategies including parameter reusing and row-based fine-grained sampling for efficient storage consumption and efficient on-device adaptation. Extensive experiments on public vision datasets show that DRESS yields significantly higher accuracy than state-of-the-art sub-networks.

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